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Quran Memorization

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Quran Memorization

We are offering Quran Memorization Classes under ensured (with Ijaza) Ustaad and Ustadzah . Quran Memorization course is intended for people groups who yearning to remember the Qur’an however don’t have sufficient energy to go . Here is open door for you to memorize quran online from the comfort of your home . At online quran classes we give exceptionally basic and compelling approach so our students can memorize Quran by giving less time.In this course we ensure you very closed attention of your teacher and very good interpersonal and communication skills to guide you step by step for Quran memorization.

Importance of Quran Memorization

Memorizing Quran just means learning it by heart. It is among the miracles regarding Holy Quran that it must be the only book on world that is usually memorized word to word even through children of very younger age. At the period of Prophet (peace be upon him), composing was a phenomenal style of putting away matters. In this manner, Memorization and oral transmission were the best methods of safeguarding data. Even nowadays when matters of preservation aren’t any longer a tough side as a result of advanced technology, memorizing Holy Quran remains the honour that Allah grants to whomever he chooses. Quran Memorization contributes to knowledge of the laws of Allah (swt) and carrying out in our daily routine life. It ends up in the purification of sins and brings us very closer to Paradise.

Quran Memorization Methodology

Here are some ideas that is part of online quran memorization course that will effective in memorize quran online:

Appropriate Pronunciation & Recitation:
The first task in quran memorization is to pronounce Quran correctly according to Rules of Tajweed. We will completly help you to learn the principles and rules of reciting Quran. While in Quran memorization, Quran must be recited in a melodious and gorgeous tone. That is significant because this is a part of Sunnah. It’s our duty to show you ways to beautify the reading of Quran.So you will become good reciter as well as good memorizer of Holy Quran.

Dedicated to Daily Limit for Quran Memorization :
A limit needs to be fixed for verses of Surah that you want to memorize. It would be achievable and authentic to carry out. Our Quran teacher will certainly help you in establishing of acceptable limit.

Regular Recitation with Revision:
Continual recitation and repetition of verses is very important. Students are given an idea to follow relating lesson revision and observe. Every day students take new lesson additionally to reciting the recent lesson.

Joining the Verses:
After the Surah is memorized, one should improve that through linking it verses together. The aim is to recite the verses of memorized surah without thinking hard to remember all of them.

The students who wants to enrolled in this course will be assigned a Hafiz ul Quran teacher (teacher with Ijaza certificate) . They will guide you step-by-step giving particular lessons each day as a home work just like performed in Madrasas or Islamic institute.