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Classes for kids and adults

Who are we?

Holy Quran Classes is a leading international Quran and Islamic Studies Institute, founded in 2009. We offer one-on-one Best Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults with Male and Female Native Arab Teachers through latest communication software like Skype, etc.

Our courses meet all age group needs, including kids and Adults. Our teacher’s panel comprises of highly qualified, Expert and skilled teachers. As a result, our lessons are conducting in a smooth, convenient, and efficient manner that hence progress of our students.

We’re not just a simple online Quran school, we are committed to providing complete online Islamic education to you and your Kids.

These Quran Online Classes are organized one to one. So the teacher can complete focus on a single student for complete half an hour. All the positive factors of conventional Quran teaching have been adopting along with the new technology to make it interesting, easy and effective for the students to learn Quran Online.

If you will take up the imperial task of learning Quran with Tajweed, Recitation, memorization, and translation through Quran Online Classes then this place is for you. Be a part of our Quran Academy and become an expert in Quran Reading and in the knowledge of Islamic teachings.

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    Our achievements

    Holy Quran Classes has arisen as one of the leading online Quran institutes. Due to our unique teaching method and devotions in Quranic Studies, Our hard work, and passion have resulted in aggressive growth in terms of students. As result, the institute has a full-time faculty of over 200 teachers and 800 students who belong from different 35 countries.

    Our QURAN teachers

    We hired an expert, qualified and well trained Male and Female Quran Teachers who can teach well to students of any age according to the level of the students. Our Quran Teachers have comprehensive knowledge about Islam and the Holy Quran and most of them are Alim/Alima and Hafiz-e-Quran. They have excellent command on English, Arabic, and Urdu language. All of our intelligent Quran tutor can handle both kids & adults and dealing with everyone based on their mental and physical age.

    One one One Live Sessions

    Online Quran classes are set up one to one. The teacher can give attention to an individual student for complete half an hour to guarantee fast progress of Students. We're using the latest softwares for smooth classes.

    Your Own Suitable Schedule

    Holy Quran Classes is always accessible online seven days a week round the clock. No matters where you live in the world you can take classes online at your desired Days and timings.

    Qualified & Expert Teachers

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    Classes Monitoring System

    Our Support Team check and audit Quran Online Classes to give you best Experience. We audit our classes to make sure smooth and high quality services.

    Progress Reports

    Get lesson reports to check the progress and improvements of your kids. We're also providing attendance record of students.

    Secure Payment Method

    We're certified to ensure Secure, smooth and safe method of fee through PayPal, Credit or Debit card and e-check with Money Back Guarantee .

    All you need to know

    Benefits of Learning with Us

    We have made much easier and interesting for everyone to learn how to read the Holy Quran with our live Quran Teachers while you are staying at your home. Its most simple and the most helpful method for learning Quran.

    Only need a Pc/Laptop/Table or Mobile and the internet. You can moreover give us a chance, Please enlist yourself to take a free trial of 2 Quran lessons. After that, you can go ahead with your regular classes if you satisfy complete.

    We have skillful, trained and talented Female Quran Teachers Teachers for our sisters and kids who feel happy to take Quran classes online with female tutors.

    Our tutors are available at hours that are also handy to students, working women & wives. Get Free 2 Days trial classes for your peace of mind and start your journey towards Islamic guidance and turn into one of the Best Muslimah.

    We are offering Special Family Package if over one student is register in classes. You can get Approx 10% Discount for the second student.

    In this super-busy age, everyone is so busy with his/ her daily routine. Most of them can’t go to the Masjid or Islamic center to learn the Holy Quran due to the shortage of time. We offer Quran classes online to everyone so they can learn Quran with Tajweed at home either they are a student, working person or housewife. You can save your precious time with our high-quality Quran teaching services.

    We’re committed to delivering whole online Islamic Education to you and your kids. Along Quran learning we will empower you to have a proper understanding to teachings of Islam. We further teach your kids to learn Salah, Kalimah and Daily Supplications (Dua) including moral lessons.

    We are giving make up classes on an advance notice by students so we can schedule class another day and time in case of leave/ absence.

    Best offers

    Course Pricing

    Learn Online

    £ 40
    Per Month
    • Norania Qaeda
    • Namaz Complete
    • 40 Hadiths
    • 40 Dua
    • Nazra Starting
    • 30 minutes per Session
    • 5 Sessions weekly
    • 20 Sessions Monthly


    £ 80
    Per Month
    • Rules Of Tajweed
    • Rules Of Recitation
    • 100 Hadiths
    • 100 Dua
    • 5 Para Complete
    • 30 minutes per Session
    • 5 Sessions weekly
    • 20 Sessions Monthly


    £ 100
    Per Month
    • Nazra Complete
    • Sorat Yaseen
    • Sorat Rehman
    • Start Hifz
    • 200 Hadith & Dua
    • 60 minutes per Session
    • 5 Sessions weekl
    • 20 Sessions Monthly

    Translation & Tafseer

    £ 120
    Per Month
    • Translation Of Quran
    • Tafseer ul Quran
    • Nazra Revision
    • Hifz Revision
    • And Much more
    • 90 minutes per Session
    • 5 Sessions weekly
    • 20 Sessions Monthly
    What our clients say


    Alhamdulillah.. I am tremendously happy, excited and really honoured to receive this outstanding achievement from Islamic Tution. I hope this fantastic award can make me more motivated to read and memorize Qur'an and also to encourage my moslem friends around the world... Aameen.
    Muhammad Mujtba
    My Qu'ran Teacher is a wonderful.She really cares about her students and has been the best Qu'ran teacher that I have ever had, and I have had several teachers. I have been with her for almost a year, and I have learned so much. I am also so impressed at how professional the school is. I like how you receive reminder calls when you are late for class and if my teacher cannot attend, I always receive prior notice.
    Farhat Shamas
    We have been so happy with Islamic tution the organized methodology, the affordability and convenience. The teachers are exceptional and we couldn’t have asked for a better Islamic education for our children.
    Saima Sadiq
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